pretty girls and cute dogs

Did these to practice drawing Claire, and having some fun with what she might wear since the "photographs" I've been drawing for her blog haven't really showcased her personal style very much.  That last one I had to doodle just because I had "singing in the rain" on repeat for most of the day :)

Claire and Charley enjoying a cup of tea and some bedtime stories :)  These are just too fun to draw.

From my last blog entry at the findingclaireity blog; Charlie and Claire at the Alamo in San Antonio.  A couple summers ago I drove from AZ to FL with my Dad (the original inspiration for the project) and he made such a big deal about stopping at the Alamo so I just had to include it for the blog :)

Switch gears now!  These were part of a collaborative project between the talented Bree Lundberg and myself.  The illustrations were for a matching card/memory type game aimed at children ages 3-5 with the theme obviously being dinosaurs!   Each of us contributed six designs, the ones above are mine :)

a photo of the final cards printed and showing the backs as well

last but not least, a poster I threw together yesterday to promote a local greyhound adoption event that I will be volunteering at next saturday!  If you're local, come check it out, there will be over 100 lovable greyhounds all in one place :)

Thanks for looking!!

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