sketchbook post

back to school fresh from CTN in burbank.  I had a wonderful time and learned an incredible amount in the three short days I was there.  I have a bunch of illustrations to post, including a set of five I did over the thanksgiving holiday for a show on campus that opens tonight!  Those will be up shortly, but for now here are some scans of my recent sketchbook work. 

I know, I know.  It's a lot of dogs... but I always watch the National Dog show after Thanksgiving and I was also home with my own dog for the holiday this year so I couldn't help myself :)

also thought I'd throw this up here.  At CTN this year I had the pleasure of meeting Andreas Deja, an animator who's work has been an inspiration to me for many years.  The whole weekend was quite an experience to say the least! 

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  1. great sketches, it was good meeting you at CTN, good luck in your future endeavours