Visit scenic arches national park!

So we've started a new project in my concept class and this time I'm doing a story about a girl named Claire and her dog Charlie who are road-tripping across the American west.  Instead of just doing illustrations and boring old character turn-arounds (been there, done that) I decided to set up a blog "written by" Claire.  Each blog post will have a "photograph" of the characters (like above) and an entry about the particular place or activity the two of them visited that day.  You can track the blog's progress here: http://findingclaireity.tumblr.com/ 
This is the first of the photographs so far.  I'll try to cross-post the artwork as I complete them that they'll be on this blog also, but the text entries will be limited to the tumblr.  As always, thanks for looking :)


The Little Prince

Illustrations inspired by my favorite line of text in The Little Prince, "You become responsible forever for what you have tamed."  The full story is available to read online here in pdf form.   Enjoy!


"Ruff" Decisions

starting a new project and these are the characters :)  I think the dog's name will be Orville (a la Wilbur and Orville Wright) but I'm not sure if that will stick yet or not.  Still mulling over names for the girl.  Any suggestions?


design shop

Everyone loves sloths right??  Even better, baby sloths!  The above are extremely preliminary studies for characters from my children's book in progress.  The human mother character is giving me the hardest time design-wise, but she'll get there :)  As always, thanks for checking out my work.

cute animal things

more cutesy alaskan animal things, enjoy!

thanks for looking :)