Musicians of Bremen

 We had an open assignment this time around for class so I chose to illustrate a scene from one of Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Musicians of Bremen.  I wanted to stay pretty traditional as far as my concept for this image; I chose a memorable scene from the story and tried to stay true to the text rather than rework the story or invent a new scene.  I also had some wonderful inspiration from the Golden Book version of this story which you can read/view here: http://goldengems.blogspot.com/2009/01/musicians-of-bremen.html

This is the final image I came up with, and below it is the version with the gutter and text added.

Thanks for looking :)



Scanned in some stuff from my sketchbook today, thought I'd throw some of them up on here :)

some dog things and a multi-legged thing

some bear things. bears is fun to draw :3

selection of some figure sketches from last semester, most of these are 30 second poses with a couple longer ones on the left

chinese foo things. the top image became a digital painting that I did in character concept class last semester, but I liked the sketch better, and the bottom ones are variations/development of the design

aaaaaand a quick self portrait doodle wif mah puppy cause I miss her dearly <3 



Here's some digital work from my past couple assignments at school.  All of these were done entirely in Adobe Illustrator :)

This was a series of icons of a subject matter of our choosing.  Naturally I picked my favorite breed of dog, the shiba inu to be in the spotlight :)  I'd like to do one more for Fall, since that's the only season I'm missing here (the assignment only called for three and time constraints didn't allow me to do a fourth).  My favorite one is the middle dog :)

This one was for an assignment to do a full page editorial illustration from an existing magazine/article of our choosing.  Guess what kind of magazine I picked :P   The article was about research being done on the dog genome and finding the genetic markers for physical traits across different breeds of dogs so I chose to illustrate what I hope are some widely recognizable breeds all tied together with dna strands in place of leashes :)