end of the year art dump

Yay the school year is over!  Junior year has been crazy stressful, super exciting, and very promising on the career front.  I can't wait for summer to start so I can get a jump on my personal work, bulk up my portfolio, and catch up on much needed sleep!  

This is what's been taking the bulk of my time these past couple of weeks.  Its my second animatic ever, and the more successful of the two by far.  Feedback is much appreciated as I plan on continuing work on it over the summer :)  Please take a look, and thank you in advance if you do! (click to view at full size  on youtube please, my blog layout cuts off half the frame!)

Some work I've done recently for my other classes

character design/model sheet of an original character for computer illustration

illustration based on the word "facade"

character design/concepts for my animatic above

linocut print of the fox character from my animatic.  this was done in a reductive process, so a single linoleum block was reprinted and cut away for each color 

and some figure paintings that I don't absolutely hate. thanks for looking everyone :)

happy summer!


creature feature

some recent work from class, enjoy!

a mock pulp cover, although decidedly more cute than your traditional pulp magazine cover

illustration inspired by the art of Charley Harper.  The topic was "treehouse" so this is my spin on it.  mangroves!