warm spirits on a cold night

another concept piece from my inuit story :)  enjoying each other's company will full bellies,  a warm fire, and the northern lights over head, what more could you ask for?


Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?

First illustration assignment of the year!  My focus for this year is dynamic composition and improving my  use of value and color.  I love the story of Peter Pan because of the great characters, so here's victorious Peter taunting Captain Hook who doesn't quite realize he has bigger problems to worry about.  Enjoy! :)


danger and beauty

concept art from my Inuit story.  The orca isn't an important/specific character in the plot, I just really wanted to draw one :)  I imagine they'd come across one at some point or another in their travels though.


model sheets

a couple of characters from an alaskan/inuit/pacific-northwest influenced project I am working on.  stay tuned, there's more to come :)