I forgot I had this thing

...just something else to add to my list of "things I will do better at this semester"

Anyway, here's my final from illustration class last semester.  I was dumb and chose to do three illustrations instead of just the required one, but I like how they turned out.  They were fun to work on and went over really well in my class.  The text are all song lyrics from some of my favorite tunes :)

I also did a outdoor billboard earlier in the semester for the LA Museum of Natural History which was really fun

I have more to post but due to my lack of organizational skills the rest of my work is scattered amongst different computers, usb drives, webshare space, you name it.  Once I track down the rest I'll try posting again.  For now have some figure paintings.  Most of these are two days (4-6 hrs of work depending on my attention span during class) but some of them are just one day.  Oil painting isnt my favorite thing to do ever, but for the most part I enjoy the class.

 Thanks for looking :)