I have just met you and I love you

I've been sketching a lot recently in an attempt to finish off my entire sketchbook before the semester ends on friday (almost there!).  Here's a couple of my favorite pages :)

guess who was watching Up this week :)
I have been especially inspired by all the vintage travel posters Pixar has released as promotional material.  I have a few printed out and hanging up in my room and would love to try out something similar to this style when I get a chance.

saluki dogs and some horses from reference.  I love the saluki's slender frame and long ears; I think they are the medieval princesses of the dog world.

Some concept stuff for an illustration I ended up not using, although I'd like to revisit the idea when I have the time. Recently I've really gotten excited about illustrating childrens' books as a possible career option, so I've been researching a lot of fables and folktales.  This one was the Musicians of Bremen, a story about a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster who stand on each other's backs and use their voices to make music together.


figure post

Went to FEWS last friday to practice my gestures and was pretty happy with most of the results :) The poses range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I love doing these so much more than the extended poses we do in class; I really need to work on developing more patience I guess.

(I am particularly fond of the second pose in this one)


thanks for looking :)


figure drawing is definitely my favorite class this semester



Watercolor practice assignments for Illustration Media


figure drawings/gestures

colored pencil over oil rub (more to come!)

Thanks for looking :)


So I've been at Ringling for a little over a month now and I love absolutely love it!  These are some of my assignments from the past couple of weeks.

First assignment from my Illustration Media class, pen and ink on bristol

WIP image of the above piece


Some watercolors in my sketchbook

Thumbnails from my sketchbook.  We are doing a phobia piece; I chose fear of vegetables!

I am taking figure II this semester and it is probably my favorite class.  I have already finished one newsprint pad, but these are the only two extended poses I took photos of so far.

Thanks for looking :)


Below is a small sampling of my work.  If you are interested in commissioning me for personal or business related artwork please contact me at jannali@gmail.com.  Thank you for looking!

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Observational Drawings

charcoal, graphite, ink wash

Color Illustration
oil on canvas, digital media

pen and ink, graphite, digital media

Commissioned Work
digital media