Here's some digital work from my past couple assignments at school.  All of these were done entirely in Adobe Illustrator :)

This was a series of icons of a subject matter of our choosing.  Naturally I picked my favorite breed of dog, the shiba inu to be in the spotlight :)  I'd like to do one more for Fall, since that's the only season I'm missing here (the assignment only called for three and time constraints didn't allow me to do a fourth).  My favorite one is the middle dog :)

This one was for an assignment to do a full page editorial illustration from an existing magazine/article of our choosing.  Guess what kind of magazine I picked :P   The article was about research being done on the dog genome and finding the genetic markers for physical traits across different breeds of dogs so I chose to illustrate what I hope are some widely recognizable breeds all tied together with dna strands in place of leashes :)

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