a little bit of everything

sorry for the horrible horrible picture quality on these, I was being lazy and just shot them from my iphone :)

I'm almost done with this still life from class, and I'm pretty proud of it.   oils are definitely not my medium (I don't enjoy painting with them at all!) but this piece has been one of the most enjoyable so far and I quite like how it's turning out :)  This photograph is horrible, it looks much better in person I promise!

I'm doing an illustration about luwak coffee for one of my classes, (look it up if you're curious) so I did a bunch of sketches of civets for research.  These two are my favorites of the batch, one somewhat realistic and one stylized :)

pen and ink wash figure studies from my sketchbook

and a couple quick doodles of a friend of mine using photo reference, from my sketchbook

Thanks for looking! :)

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